About Fitness on Fire Online Training

We provide online fitness training with nutritional guidance and support. We design a personalized routine designed to meet your fitness goals.

One of the key essentials of the “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program, our experienced virtual fitness coach “King of the Fire” designs a personalized fitness regimen specifically for your body type to target your problem areas where you hold the most body fat. Since your routine will be designed based off your body type, you will quickly and effectively achieve your results and reach your fitness goals. You will have a customized plan from day 1, no longer will you be in the gym for hours using machines that will not help you achieve the results and the body you are aiming for. We eliminate wasting your time and not getting results doing non-effective exercises. Our goal is to teach you what works for your body specifically because no two individuals have the same fitness goal nor the same problem areas or body type, so everything is personalized just for you based on your fitness goal and level. No more feeling lost or confused about which machines or exercises you will need to do when your in the gym. We target those problem areas right away.

Another Key essential to the “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program is having access to a Nutritionist on a daily basis. NutritionistGuru will teach you the importance of eating healthy and about balance, properly fueling your body and which foods will help you achieve your goal and help you get healthy & fit vs the foods that will hinder your journey. You will learn the importance of combining both Fitness & Nutrition for a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

You communicate with both the Fitness Trainer & Nutritionist on a daily basis so there is that constant support on a daily basis. On the “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program, you will not only lose weight & lose inches you will also gain knowledge about what works for your body, so you no longer will struggle with weight based on the knowledge you will gain on this program.
You will get constant support and guidance plus become apart of a community of members who are experiencing the same journey and are on a path to living a healthier and fit lifestyle.