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35 year old KYMBERLEE BARNETT went from a size 22 to a size 12 naturally online with WWW.FITNNESSONFIREONLINETRAINING.COM

Kymberlee Barnett 
Age: 35
Height: 5’2.5 inches
Starting Weight: 266.8lbs
Current weight: 201.7lbs
Total Weight loss: 65.1lbs
Starting Dress Size: 22
Current Dress Size: 12
Representing: Montgomery, AL
Kymberlee’s online nutritionist: NutritionistGuru Page
Kymberlee’s online trainer(s): Fitness on Fire Online Training

Kymberlee reached out to the “Fitness on Fire” Online training team because she felt like she had hit a plateau as she had been on her weight loss journey for two years and lost 46lbs on her own. She saw all the amazing results from the women’s who’s stories had been showcased about the success they had using the FOF program and Kymberlee decided to give it a try.

Kymberlee stressed that she has been overweight her entire life and truly wanted to change that and become health and fit and wanted to be under 200lbs so decided to stay committed and give this program her all. Kymberlee started out a size 22 and now she is able to comfortably fit into a size 12. I size age has never worn her entire adult life. This new body and experience of seeing herself in this new lifestyle is truly surreal for her. After seeing her comparison pictures she is now even more motivated to keep going and to reach her ultimate fitness goal.

Please continue to watch and support this beautiful young woman as she continues to embark on her journey to become a healthier Kymberlee and to love the skin she is in

DISCLAIMER: None of the members showcased are board certified nutritionists or trainers. The successful online transformations you see are based on these individuals being carefully monitored on a daily basis by the Fitness on Fire Online Training online nutritionist @NutritionistGuru and the Fitness on Fire online fitness trainer “King of the Fire”

Please do not attempt to contact these individuals for fitness or nutritional guidance as they are not professionals, they are simply sharing their stories, testimonies and experience with Fitness on Fire to inspire others to become healthy and fit and prove that you too can achieve these results using the Fitness on Fire Online Training Program