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FitnessOnFireOnlineTraining.com Transformation:
27 year old Rashonda Williams went from a size 16 to a size 4 naturally online with Fitness on Fire Online Training
Age: 27
Height: 5’3′
Staring dress size: 16
Current dress size: 4
Starting weight: 204.8 pounds
Current Weight: 141 pounds
Weight Lost: 63.8 pounds
Representing: CHiCAGO, IL
Zodiac sign: Libra
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“I so love being me” is a quote from Rashonda williams when she looked at her progress currently with www.fitnessonfireonlinetraining.com . Half way through Rashonda’s journey she was comfortable at a size 12 but wanted but wanted to fully get rid of the excess fat in her stomach and on her back and wanted to know how far she could go.
With the advice of her online trainer , she was told that she could go much further but that she has to stay consistent with regemin and updates of your food and progress in order to surpass where she was currently.
Trusting the process and the recommendation of both NutritionistGuru Page and her online trainer she continued and now looking back she is living breathing proof that it can be done, but it takes consistency and and following each step to the best of ones ability.
She does not even look like the same person, but that is the result of consistency and dedication to the regimen given to her.
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The Online Transformations Continue.
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DISCLAIMER: None of the members showcased are board certified nutritionists or trainers. The successful online transformations you see are based on these individuals being carefully monitored on a daily basis by the Fitness on Fire Online Training online nutritionist @NutritionistGuru and the Fitness on Fire online fitness trainer “King of the Fire”
Please do not attempt to contact these individuals for fitness or nutritional guidance as they are not professionals, they are simply sharing their stories, testimonies and experience with Fitness on Fire to inspire others to become healthy and fit and prove that you too can achieve these results using the Fitness on Fire Online Training Program