(Progress Video Update) Transformation:
50 year old Tamara Patrick went from a size 16 to a size 8 naturally with Fitness on Fire Online Training

Age: 50
Height: 5’6′
Starting dress size: 16
Current dress size: 8
Starting weight: 223 pounds
Current Weight: 159
Weight Lost: 64 pounds
Representing: El Paso, TX
Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Tamara began her journey when she reached out to NutritionistGuru Page on Facebook. Today was another reflection day for 50 year old Tamara as she continues to be consistent and successful throughout her journey with . She was able to drop over 15% body fat and go from a size 16 dress to now a size 8. She made up her mind to give the Fitness on Fire Online training program 100% dedication and it paid off big time. Now Tamara not only is physically changed but mentally and health wise she has transformed as well.

You can truly see the confidence that has surfaced from Tamara as she has continued to shed the excess body fat in all the areas that she carried it. Tamara continues to love herself more and more each day as she continues to follow the guidance of her Fitness on Fire online training team.

Tamara is 50 years old. If she can do it, anyone can. Dreams do come true with hard work and consistent dedication.

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DISCLAIMER: None of the members showcased are board certified nutritionists or trainers. The successful online transformations you see are based on these individuals being carefully monitored on a daily basis by the Fitness on Fire Online Training online nutritionist @NutritionistGuru and the Fitness on Fire online fitness trainer “King of the Fire”

Please do not attempt to contact these individuals for fitness or nutritional guidance as they are not professionals, they are simply sharing their stories, testimonies and experience with Fitness on Fire to inspire others to become healthy and fit and prove that you too can achieve these results using the Fitness on Fire Online Training Program