(Photo Update) DAY 1 V.S. DAY 151
Fitness on Fire Online Training Transformation:
21 year old Chiry Chrissy has currently lost 66 pounds naturally online with Fitness on Fire Online Training
Age: 21
Height: 5’4′
Starting weight: 233 pounds
Current Weight: 167 pounds
Weight Lost: 66 pounds
Representing: United Kingdom
Zodiac sign: Taurus
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Today Christine is down 66 pounds naturally in 5 months.
Christine has lost another 16 pounds since her last update. Christine’s body has gone through a complete change as the fat on her body just continues to melt off as she follows the personalized fitness regimen designed for her by her online coach Lincoln Bromfield , while following the nutritional guidelines given to her by her online nutritionist NutritionistGuru Page

Christine’s natural hour glass shape is now more visible due to the excess amount of body fat she has lost in the problem area she carried them in. Her back, her waist, her body over all is transformed from the constant monitoring she received online from her Fitness on Fire Online Training Team.

The physical changes are mind blowing and one may even need to look more than once at the changes Christine’s body has made since her day 1 submission video to . Much more to come from Christine as she now sees that losing weight does not mean you have to lose your curves.

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The Online Transformations Continue.
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DISCLAIMER: None of the members showcased are board certified nutritionists or trainers. The successful online transformations you see are based on these individuals being carefully monitored on a daily basis by the Fitness on Fire Online Training online nutritionist @NutritionistGuru and the Fitness on Fire online fitness trainer “King of the Fire”

Please do not attempt to contact these individuals for fitness or nutritional guidance as they are not professionals, they are simply sharing their stories, testimonies and experience with Fitness on Fire to inspire others to become healthy and fit and prove that you too can achieve these results using the Fitness on Fire Online Training Program