DAY 1 vs DAY 161 (Video update)
Fitness on Fire Online Training Transformation:
27 year old Markice Hudson has now lost 75 pounds naturally online with Fitness on Fire Online Training
Age: 27
Height: 6’3′
Starting weight: 285.6 pounds
Current Weight: 210.2 pounds
Weight Lost: 75.4 pounds
Representing: Chicago, IL
Zodiac sign: Pisces
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27 year old Markice Hudson has now lost 75 pounds in less than five months training online with . In this video update you get to see Markice retry on a goal shirt that just a few short months ago he was not able to fit, but now after he has dropped an amazing 75.4 pounds he is not only able to fit the shirt but the shirt is now too big. This is just one of the many highlighted moments of Markice’s journey that he wanted to share with social media.

Its shocking to see what such a handsome young man was doing to his body when he first signed up with Fitness on Fire Online Training. Weighing in at 285+ pounds Markice needed an immediate intervention to get his life and his health back on track in the right direction.

161 days later Markice is now showing off his progress and inspiring many who know him personally to also follow suit. His online trainer is extremely proud of him as he is much closer to his fitness goal and much further away from the man he was 161 days ago. 75.4 pounds down in 151 days using Fitness on Fire Online Training.

Markice continues to remain consistent following the nutritional guidance of her online nutritionist NutritionistGuru Page and continues to share her progress with social media and the rest of the women that are all inspired by her online journey with FOF.

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The Online Transformations Continue.
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DISCLAIMER: None of the members showcased are board certified nutritionists or trainers. The successful online transformations you see are based on these individuals being carefully monitored on a daily basis by the Fitness on Fire Online Training online nutritionist @NutritionistGuru and the Fitness on Fire online fitness trainer
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Please do not attempt to contact these individuals for fitness or nutritional guidance as they are not professionals, they are simply sharing their stories, testimonies and experience with Fitness on Fire to inspire others to become healthy and fit and prove that you too can achieve these results using the Fitness on Fire Online Training Program