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This is the NutritionistGuru‘s story in her own words quoted

“My name is Nia and I am the Nutritionist with “Fitness on Fire” Online Boot Camp Training. Yes, believe it or not that was me well over 330+lbs. Even someone such as myself, who’ve been a Nutritionist for years, got caught up in the obstacles of life, working long hours and sometimes working 7 days a week, taking care of family and dedicating myself to helping others transform their bodies to live a healthy and balanced life, while mine suffered. Due to the loss of a loved one, I lost control of myself and adapted poor eating habits and stop working out completely. One day going thru pictures on my computer I came across the pictures showcased in this video, and it was then that I decided I didn’t like the person who I saw. I was unhappy; I couldn’t look myself in the mirror because I didn’t even recognize myself anymore. Here stood a woman who was clearly unhealthy and have lost control of herself. It was at that point I decided to put myself first and take back control of my life. I began my journey to transform my body back in August of 2012. From August 2012- December 2012 I lost 43lbs working out and back to my healthy eating habits. Although that was a great lost, I hit a hurdle and struggled to lose the remaining 57lbs. I had good days and I had some bad days, my weight went up and down, which frustrated me and even though I hit this Plato I still didn’t want to give up. Some days I would workout, some days I wouldn’t and started to slowly fall back into old habits. So I decided to get a personal trainer and boy was that a challenge within itself. He had me doing military routines and all types of exercises that just made me feel pain but saw no results. I tried Insanity, Julian Michaels, P90X,  you name it,  I tried it. Lost 3-5 lbs here and there but that was it. So one day while I was at the gym there was this guy who was helping a woman because she was using this machine and basically killing herself and he offered to help her and although she was apprehensive at first she allowed him to show her how to properly use the machine to get the maximum results. Every time I went to the gym I saw this gentleman, always willing to help people and share his knowledge of the machines and key workouts to target problem areas, so one day I decided to approach this gentleman, his name is “King of the Fire”. I told him my story and my struggle and told him my goal and a bit about my background as a Nutritionist. He also told me his story about being overweight and losing weight and his struggle of adding more muscle mass, although his body was defined, he wanted to grow. So I decided I to help him reach his goal by teaching him the correct types of food to eat, and which foods helped you gain muscle mass and not fat, pretty much how to eat healthy, while he designed a routine personalized for me, to help me reach my fitness goal. After training with Fire, It was evident this man is passionate about Fitness, the same way I am passionate about Nutrition, so we decided to collaborate our passions and started “Fitness on Fire”. We decided to take our experiences, passions and love for helping people transform to another level, helping people one by one, changing peoples lives and outlook on Nutrition and Fitness one day at a time. While helping people transform I am still on my journey to reach my ideal goal and each day it gets easier and easier. Mr. Fire taught me the importance of how to properly use the machines and key exercises to help me reach my goal quicker and more effective. Fire also thought me the importance of documenting your journey, because once you reach your goal, that woman or man you leave behind is gone forever and sometimes you need to look back to where you started to keep you focused on where your going. So like all the members with “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program, I too am on my journey to transform my body. Members of “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program receives guidance from Fire & myself, who has been in their shoes and knows exactly what their going through, unlike Julian Michaels or Insanity or any other DVD’s or pills or any quick fads those individuals have never been over weight or face the struggles many of the members face. So we can relate to all the members as well as everyone who is interested in joining because you too are ready to take back control of your like. One thing that makes “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program different is we’re passionate about what we do and can relate to the members. With this program it takes discipline and dedication and focus to reach your goal and all the members are focused, and everyday you challenge yourself, your one step closer to reaching your goal. Members of “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program motivate me to go harder to strive for my ultimate goal. So follow my journey and the members of the “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program Family. See my transformation unfold right before your eyes as well as many others.